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Crazy ugly duckling 2 reliable hero

Release date: June 12, 2021 (China)
Director: Yang Fei
Screenwriter: Yu ang
Type: Comedy / animation / Adventure
Producer countries / regions: Chinese mainland
Language: Mandarin
Length: 82 minutes

After successfully saving the bird kingdom, the ugly duckling returned to the duck farm, where he was treated like a hero, and the ugly duckling began to indulge in the aura of this star.
On the other hand, an unknown plague spread in the bird kingdom, and many birds could not afford to get sick. The Swan councillors sent for the help of Knight Carl. It happened that knight Carl was injured accidentally, so the ugly duckling had to find out the reason. Unexpectedly, when they saw the plague, the ugly duckling broke down and ran away in fear. Everyone was very disappointed with the ugly duckling.
The duckling who escaped also fell into deep remorse. He finally picked himself up and decided to find out the cause together with ugly eight. But unexpectedly, he was ambushed by gawa, who was lurking in the dark and took away his power. In the well, the duckling found life, saw the mysterious ancient remains of birds, and revealed gawa's secret. At the moment of crisis, the ugly duckling arrived in time to activate the light of glazed bird and save the bird kingdom again.

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