New Spectrum Next Game! But is it a retro game or a new game? And what should we compare it to?

Hi everyone and welcome back to the shack - and apologies for the delay in getting back on your screens! You'll see why when you watch the video :)

In this episode we're reviewing the Spectrum Next game Cuadragon: The Next Generation - a Japanese RPG style game akin to the early Zelda games.

How do we review and compare this? Is it a retro game, or is it a new game?

We also take a trip down memory lane to how retro big box games used to be.

You can find Cuadragon: The Next Generation here:

00:00 Intro
01:35 Cuadragon Packaging
03:32 Retro Big Box Games
08:24 Cuagragon Gameplay
12:40 Wrap Up

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