Online slots - More new games, requests and favourites

Hi All,

The last video incorporated a number of new games, requests and favourites of mine. Pleasingly, it went rather well, returning a very small profit. This is a victory though, as I would always consider any return above the approximate RTP to be a winning result.

Spending in the region of £400 and getting back anything above say 75% is running fairly well. I do not know for certain, but I suspect that a good chunk of the overall RTP is taken away by the huge wins that you see once in a blue moon. So on the assumption that you will not get one of these most times, running anywhere close to even money has to be considered a great result.

I have discussed the flip side of this plenty times, and particularly how my luck seems to run with extremes of high and low. That is simply the manifestation of the volatility designed into the games. But on the odd occasion like last time, where a bonus hunt simply pays roughly what I started with, I am more than happy to enjoy a more relaxed overall outcome.

Given it had gone ok, I decided to continue the theme into this video. I have a couple of requests, a new game or two and a couple of my favourites. All lined up as follows.

Buffalo King MW
Monopoly MW
John Hunter Mayan Gods
Power of Thor MW
Opal Fruits
Gorilla Gold
1 million MW BC
King Kong Cash

I am playing off £400 again, hoping that I can get back to roughly where I started once again...
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