Outriders | New Best Technomancer End Game Speed Build | Solo Eye of The Storm | Gold Chest CT15 |V2

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Hopefully you enjoyed the video! I solod Eye of the storm with this build and speed run all expeditions. Check out my how to solo eye of the storm, link below.

Best Technomancer Build Version 1 - All Purple Gear : https://youtu.be/eV0gknDD6Lk

How to solo eye of the storm: https://youtu.be/CD2hY0raz_4

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Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
1:28 Class Tree
3:12 Skills
4:48 Main Weapon
5:20 Second Weapon
5:44 Stat Priority
6:02 Helm + Mods
6:35 Chest + Mods
7:08 Pants + Mods
7:27 Gloves + Mods
8:05 Boots + Mods
8:40 More Gameplay
12:47 Build Overview
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